woensdag 30 maart 2011

Compliance in the world of procurement

Hello All,

I’m not sure whether there is one right answer, but I was curious to your definition/ breakdown of compliance with respect to procurement?

I was thinking about the following breakdown of compliance (in the world of procurement):

1)      Supplier compliance
This is concerning whether there is bought from suppliers with which there are frame agreements

2)      Contract compliance
In this type of compliance it is about whether you purchase the item (product/service) for the agreed price.

3)      Process compliance
Whether the right process is followed. For example buying through the right channel and following the right steps (instead of for example maverick buying).

4)      Policy compliance
Is the person allowed to buy those products?

All your definitions, remarks and feedback is more than welcome, as I try to pinpoint a valid definition.
Thanks in advance!

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