vrijdag 28 december 2012

Book: Should cost models

This morning I was reading some blogs and websites on procurement, and suddenly I found an article about should cost models.

For those of you who followed my blogposts in 2010 and 2011, the content may sound familiar only somewhat less detailed than mine. In the blogpost I found a link to another article about should cost model on which the post was based. It is a very interesting article which the authors have based on a chapter of their book about (several) cost models (Victor Sower and Christopher Sower).

Although I get several requests a month from people who have read my blogpost on should cost modeling for more information or the examples it seems that there was some radio silence last year on should cost modeling (also from my side due to a busy time at my work with other procurement and scm related topics). But it is good to hear that the should cost modeling philosophy is still there. Every now and then a blogpost or book (or chapter in a book about it) appears and for me personally, it is good to read that the greater part of my blogposts are reflected in those messages, I guess it means that my philosophy back in 2010 made some sense.

I've just ordered the book, and I'm very curious about the detailed content!

Title:  Better Business Decisions Using Cost Modeling: For Procurement, Operations, and Supply Chain Professionals
Authors: Victor Sower and Christopher Sower

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